The nursery is divided into five units for children of different ages. These are: 

Babies BH1 and BH2: 0–2 years

  • Staff ratio 1: 3
  • Places 19 across two units

Our two baby units are divided in such a way that areas are set aside for sleeping and general play. We will accommodate your individual routine on entry to the nursery to avoid as little disruption to your baby’s day as possible. The babies have their own routines to follow with extra activities planned to coincide with the monthly topics of the nursery.

Nappies and formula milk are provided, however parents are asked to provide wipes and creams which will have to be named. Any medication/ pain relief treatments such as Calpol, which must be handed to a member of nursery staff on arrival, a medication form must be completed before leaving children.

A named nursery pump bag is provided. This should contain a change of clothes as well as wipes and creams. Due to skin allergies we ask you to provide these items. It is also advisable to clearly name your child’s belongings within reason because this does help to avoid any confusion.

Toddlers: 2–3 years

  • Staff ratio 1: 4
  • Places 8

This unit provides a gentle introduction to a slightly more organised day in which the children follow their own programme of activities as well as planned activities to enhance the children’s development.

Toddlers: 2–5 years

  • Staff ratio 1: 4
  • Places 13

In this unit the children are further encouraged to develop independence. We see the children bridging the gap between being babies and pre-school children. There is a high level of free play, which allows the individuality of the children to be expressed, but at the same time, topics and activities are taking place for the children to participate in if they choose.

Pre-School: 3–5 years

  • Staff ratio 1: 8
  • Places 28

In this unit the children are encouraged to develop independence. They are prepared for school in a relaxed, homely setting where they can feel at ease in play. They are encouraged to build their confidence and to realise their full potential. They will have the opportunity to take part in many activities and will have the chance to develop their own particular skills.

We have a good relationship with the local schools and teachers. There are many opportunities to be involved in joint learning experiences throughout the year, such as story times, helping the smooth transition for their next journey.

As with the other units we do keep written “My Learning” picture records of each child, this record will be given to the parent/carers when the child leaves, and is available for you to read at all times.